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To provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum education and networking opportunities by connecting families and professionals in the Black Hills.

Black Hills Birth Network - 501(c)(3)


Opening Statement:


Welcome to the Black Hills Birth Network, also referred to as BHBN. Our mission is to provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum education and networking opportunities by connecting families and professionals in the Black Hills. Please note that we are not affiliated with other organizations, political or otherwise. As we do not make recommendations, please refrain from naming specific care providers or businesses. There will be opportunities during our networking portion of the meeting to learn more details about our professional members.  And while we love families and children, we politely request that only lap babies attend meetings. BHBN is a membership driven, non-profit organization. If you enjoy these meetings, or would like to be more involved, you are invited to become a member. Welcome.

Closing Statement:

We hope you have enjoyed this meeting! If you have questions about becoming a member or are interested in volunteering, please get with a BHBN Board Member. Join us again!  Our meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month, beginning at 6:30pm.


Cori Meadows


Even as a young girl, Cori always felt connected to her body and its natural ability to birth despite not knowing if motherhood would be her direction. After becoming pregnant 7 years ago though, she began her search for birth resources in the Black Hills area that aligned with her beliefs only to find ‘the hunt’ to come up short. While there were beautiful opportunities for support, they were not readily known. This sparked Cori’s passion to figure out a way to change this for other moms and families in the area.


Cori immersed herself in the birth community that did exist in an effort to manifest an even larger community that would bring both consumers and birth professionals together in support - a community offering resources, connections, education, and more. It is her honor to be part of the Black Hills Birth Network, working alongside so many other incredible individuals equally passionate about this work.


She lives with her family in Spearfish and is eager to create more beautiful connections in the Black Hills.


Cori can be reached at Cori@blackhillsbirthnetwork.org.

Meredith Pfister

Meredith considers herself very lucky to be an adoptive mom. After struggling to get pregnant, she and her husband became foster parents and eventually adopted two crazy awesome boys.  Previously a high school physics teacher, Meredith shifted her focus to birth work and is an ICEA certified birth doula and childbirth educator with Baby Bird Birth Services. She is also involved in foster care advocacy because she is passionate about establishing strong family bonds.  


She lives with her family in a multi-generational homestead with dogs, cats, horses, mules, and her beloved chickens.  


As our Education Coordinator -- Meredith brings all that jazz to our free monthly meetings. If you have an idea on a topic you’d like BHBN and its Professional Members to cover, contact her today at Meredith@blackhillsbirthnetwork.org.


Natalie Eagan



Natalie and her family recently began a new chapter in their lives when they relocated to the Black Hills. After a positive birth and postpartum experience in the Chicago suburbs, she quit her job, became a SAHM, graduated from business school, and moved to a new state, leaving behind a loving support network.


Natalie's experience creating a village in a new city inspired her to get involved with both BHBN and the Rapid City chapter of MOMS Club International. These organizations resonate with her passion of helping other moms-in-transition find their new normal. She is also training to become a postpartum doula.


As our Operations Manager -- there is truly not much that Natalie does not touch. Her work often goes behind the scenes but as you well know… a birth runs much smoother with a rock star doula and her rock star doula kit! Natalie is our “network doula” and is invaluable to ensuring we are able to offer you the best experience. When you see her, be sure to thank her. Natalie can be reached at Natalie@blackhillsbirthnetwork.org.

Pregnancy, birth, bellies, and babies have always been Kassie’s passion.  Having given birth to her four children at home and in a hospital setting put her on the path to extensive research into healthy living and patient informed birthing.  As a doula and birth assistant she has attended numerous hospital and homebirths. She owns “A Mama’s Hands Doula & Birth Services”. 

She is very optimistic and excited about the opportunity to help provide and expand access to birth education and the professional birthing community to our local birthing families through Black Hills Birth Network.


Kassie can be reached at Kassie@blackhillsbirthnetwork.org

Kassie Nilson


Mallory Chase


Mallory was born and raised in Rapid City and has always known that pregnancy, birth and motherhood would play a big part in her life. Her passion was ignited after supporting a close friend through labor and delivery. When Mallory learned that she was expecting, her search for information intensified. Sadly, at that time finding a local source for information and support proved to be very difficult, leaving online sources her only option. Shortly after becoming a mother Mallory heard about the Black Hills Birth Network, and through networking opportunities with BHBN Mallory was able to follow her dream to help other expectant parents have beautiful birth experiences by becoming one of the first certified Birth Boot Camp Doulas in South Dakota. She understands the importance of bringing information and resources to the families of the Black Hills and is excited to be a part of helping BHBN grow!


Mallory feels blessed to share her life with her wonderful fiance, their two kiddos and two busy beagles.

As our Membership Administrator -- Mallory works hard to keep us organized and in flow. She manages all new and ongoing Community and Professional Memberships. If you’re curious for more info check out our Membership page. Mallory can be reached at Mallory@blackhillsbirthnetwork.org.

Frances Shepherd

Frances is a current nursing student at SDSU. After her graduation next May, she will begin working as a registered nurse at Rapid City Regional Hospital, Labor and Delivery unit. Frances considers herself extremely fortunate to work alongside women as they bring new life into the world! Frances also has a particular interest in women’s health promotion, postpartum education, and birth advocacy. She hopes to further her professional career and passions by eventually earning her master’s degree in Nurse Midwifery.


In her personal life, Frances enjoys traveling, reading, and spending quality time with family and friends.

As our Marketing Administrator -- Frances keeps us hip and relevant. She has an eye for creative content and knows just how to showcase BHBN in the most amazing light! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for all the latest updates. Frances can be reached at Frances@blackhillsbirthnetwork.org.